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Flashmob Events

In the spring of 2011, thousands of Albuquerque Public School students and community partners came together to tackle bullying prevention. Flash mobs at the Albuquerque BioPark, Cliff's Amusement Park, ABQ Uptown, and at many schools and community events took place. Funded by the Federal Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative, this effort put kids into action to prevent bullying.

Anti-Bullying Dance Sweeps Through Schools

Thousands of elementary students join the Don't Just Stand There: Stop Bullying Now! movement with school-wide dance flash mob events.

One week. Three elementary schools. Over 2500 students, teachers, staff and parents. The community came together to the beat of Ozomatli's "Como Ves" to dance against bullying in Albuquerque. Seven Bar Elementary, Marie Hughes Elementary and Helen Cordero Primary School learned a choreographed flash mob dance and shared their moves to raise awareness of bullying issues. It's all part of the Don't Just Stand There: Stop Bullying Now! initiative through the Safe Schools Healthy Students grant.

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Uptown Flashmob

This is our ABQ Uptown flash mob dance performance that happened on March 19. We're dancing to bring awareness to bullying issues in our community. The song is Ozomatli's "Como Ves," used by permission. Visit us at Come join the movement!

Flashmob Videos

On May 4th, over 1500 students and teachers got together to dance against bullying at Seven Bar and Marie Hughes elementary schools in Albuquerque. The song is Ozomatli's "Como Ves." This is part of a community-wide flash mob project to raise awareness against bullying.

Start Dancing to Stop Bullying

Call for Dancers

Keshet Dance Company has designed a dance that will get you out of your seat and onto your feet. It is set to the energetic beat of Ozomatli's "Como Ves." Learn the moves from Keshet's dance training video above or come to one of Bernalillo County's dance training sessions.


Learn the Basic Steps:

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